It grows on the desire of every living mind, and breeds magical creatures. Unusual shadows might be seen from the reflections of the quiet ponds, where swimmers reported never emerged, or in the mysterious castle with only thorns and roses adorning its skull, or even under the neonlights of modern cities. The magical creatures, they might be nowhere, or everywhere, and Magic makes everything possible, leaving traces and stories behind.

Join us in POPINK's newest writing contest —— If Magical Creatures Exist! Release your imaginations and create a world of wonders and magic!

Minimum Length for all works:

An Alpha she-wolf was destroyed by her cheating mate and his mistress. But what was unexpected is that she reincarnated and has the right to choose again. How will she retaliate against those who have hurt her, save her pack, and find true love?

We welcome this type of story to join the contest and win prizes!

What would happen if a human girl woke up only to find herself becoming a Lowborn Fae in the novel she read before her sleep? How will she change her fate, beat the bitchy Heroine and win her True Love?

This is only an example and you can have more! We will choose the best as the winner!

Nothing could be more exciting than turning tides and fates! How would a human girl save the world of Fae and win the respect she deserves? Or can the only existing half-Fae girl revenge for her family's death by killing the Dragon King she loves?
If the main character is thrown to the lowest point and has to defy the odds from nearly impossible, the work would be considered a valid entry for this prize. We would choose the best as the winner!

We've received many high-quality works in our "Why Women Kill" writing contest and we hope to continue the vibe!

Any works with a strong female lead would be considered as entries for this prize. But please do note that your main character must be a strong female, and the participated work must not be signed before this contest, which means the signed works that participated in the Why Women Kill contest before can not compete for this award.

We have set up "Blazing Star" for all new authors who haven't signed with us before! As long as your book is qualified for the contest theme (Exclusive or Non-Exclusive), you can compete for this award!

There are many kinds of magical creatures, and imagination cannot be limited. Authors can also create magical creatures of their own, not using any of the following examples we will provide. But do please note that all the participated works must meet the following criteria in order to be considered valid Entries:

At least 2 kinds of magical creatures are included as important characters. They can either be villains or protagonists, but at least 2 of them should be among the magical species.

Dangerous, mysteriously charming, and full of might. It is all about dragons. Who won't love Armen, the fearable yet handsome dragon from the Russian movie, He Is Dragon? Toothless, the royal and loveable Nightfury from How To Train Your Dragon also captures everyone's heart.
Dragons that are able to transform into humans are the best choice for a powerful main character in the story. You can either choose Western dragons that are winged, horned, four-legged, and capable of breathing fire, or Eastern dragons that are usually wingless serpentine creatures with above-average intelligence.
Will the story be a Fantasy Romance where your Heroine fought and tamed the dragon Hero? It is up to you!

This is definitely the most popular choice among all Fantasy Romance! A great one for any authors who wish to create Urban Fantasies!

Considering its popularity, we put werewolves and vampires in 1 category. That is to say, if you choose werewolves and vampires at the same time, you will need to add another magical species in the story as the main character.

Elves and Faes are often the representatives of elegance and nobility. They are similar in appearance to humans, but they are more strikingly beautiful, with slim long limbs and pointy ears. Cunning as they are, they possess deadly magical abilities and are often proficient in swordsmanship and archery. Thranduil and Legolas are perfect examples from Tolkein's Middle Earth.

In numerous myths and folklores, mermaids are beautiful maidens with long fish tails. Their songs lure sailors into deep waters, and their beauty haunted every Prince's dreams. Would they have a different story to tell? What would life be like under the cold dark water?

For any who loves myths, this would be the best option!

  • There is no limitation on the maximum length of the book entering this contest, however the minimum length must be 60,000 words.
  • The criteria for choosing awarded works include but are not limited to the style, grammar, view, plot and style of the work.
  • You can write a story of a human being taming magical creatures, but make sure there are at least 2 important characters that are magical creatures in the story.
  • It is OK to have multiple POVs and characters in 1 story, but to make the story focus on the main plotline and not to lose your readers, better keep only 2-3 POVs.
  • Books already signed before the beginning of the contest are not allowed to enter this contest.
  • The erotic content in a book cannot exceed 10%. The detailed description of the sexual organ is prohibited.
  • Poems, fanfic, translated work or non-fiction are NOT eligible to be nominated for prizes.
  • Hate speech or discrimination is strictly forbidden. Once discovered, the qualifications of the works will be withdrawn and the books will be removed immediately.
  • Plagiarism of works is strictly prohibited. Once discovered, the qualifications of the works will be withdrawn and the books will be removed immediately.

Q: Can I submit a work signed before the beginning of the contest?

A: No. We only accept stories without any contracts. Y​ou can choose an ongoing story that hasn't been signed or submit a totally new one.

Q: If my work is signed Non-Exclusively, can I submit it for the contest and get any rewards?

A: Books already signed before the beginning of the contest are not allowed to enter this contest. If your work is signed during the contest, you can of course submit it for participance. We've set up a new prize, Blazing Star and every valid participated book, including Non-Exclusives, can compete for the prize! However, for other prizes, only Exclusive works would be able to win the material rewards.

Q: Can my protagonist be a human?

A: Yes. You can make your protagonist a human as long as you have at least 2 other important characters that are magical creatures.