Eight Days With The Superstar


"You said you want to know what it's like to get laid by a woman, but I can't explain it better with words. So, why don't we just get into it? It would surely end all your curiosity about this kind of stuff." I gulped when I heard her speak with a low, sultry voice, and I felt like she was up to something. Did I understand it right? That she wanted us to have sex?

The Mystical Alphas


What happens when you are born to be the ruler of the supernatural world. to rule it like the way you grew up to see your father and forefathers. when you desperately want to fill in their shoes but can't? Why? Because there is someone else with the same potential and might be slightly better than you? What happens you see your birthright taken away from you and not just by someone random, but by someone who was supposed to be with you, love you, cherish you, and meant to be with you for the rest of your life. He is your mate but doesn't want to acknowledge it or share the glory with you or by your side but rather wants to cut you off completely? And doesn't even want to give you an explanation? Is a power greater than love? does the term soulmate mean nothing to him? How heartless can one be? Come along in the journey of love, hate, and betrayal with Alejandro King, the heir to the throne and most hated being in the werewolf world.

Hello again, Alicante

Zhen Xin Xin

Jackson Wu—a werewolf who had just been appointed by the werewolf elders in the Ulriika city to be the leader because of his talent—continues to blame himself for the death of Alicante Watson who committed suicide in front of him in his third year of high school. Until one day, he gets an offer to restart his time using half of his werewolf powers. When he finally manages to go back in time and try to right his wrongs, he is confronted by other facts regarding his strength, background, as well as other reasons behind Alicante's death. Will he be able to continue protecting Alicante while figuring out that fact, or will he die knowing a secret he shouldn't know?

Our red thread

Monet BR

An unbreakable promise and love, that's all Ethan could think. A long time ago, Ethan had promised to stay forever by the side of James, his best friend. But as he became an adult and his life became more complicated, Ethan learned terrible news: He was an omega. Terrified of his future being an omega, Ethan decides to hide his gender from everyone, even his best friend. Since James was an alpha, and if Ethan confessed to being an omega, they would be forced to separate forever. "I will keep my promise, even if my body and soul break for keeping this secret, you are my soul mate, and I will stay forever by your side..." Omegaverse and bxb (BL/Yaoi) story.

The Rogue System [BL]


"Don't run darlin I'm not so scary~" a young blond hunk seductively whispered. "Not so scary my ass!! Get away from me!!" Zhu kang ran through the busy road and anxiously waited for the lights to turn green. Suddenly a strong light lit up behind him. "Oh shit!!!" Before he could cross the road a pair of warm hands hugged him from behind and pulled the duffle bag filled with cash. "Got you my little rogue system~"