Witch's Link - Book Two

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Samantha Davenport (Sam), is in an intimate relationship with a mystery guy that only exists in her dreams. Dreams with this man have felt more real to her than real life. Problem is, it's just a dream, and she's tired of saving herself for Mr. Right. Will she ever meet a guy like him? Unbeknownst to Sam, she is a witch, bound to never know until her 18th birthday. She's not just any witch, but the seventh generation born. A very powerful witch, destined to restore the magic of the entire coven, by becoming the next Matriarch of the East Coast Coven of Witches. Soon, she is caught in a world she never knew existed, with powers she didn't know she had. She’s paired as the mate to a possessive, hybrid Alpha. Together, their obsession with each other is unstoppable. They are drawn to each other through their witch’s link. What is a witch’s link, you ask? Well, a 'Witch's Link' between your mate, is an erotic soulful bond, that stretches out through all time. The pull reaches inside every cell, every molecule, burning on fire. You are one part of a whole. It calls to you. Like a beacon of light on the shore, showing you the way home. What if your life was all a lie? What if everything and everyone you know was someone else, something else? What would you do? Secrets, lies, betrayal and attempted murder. Passion, desire, obsession and love. Destiny awaits... underneath the magic.
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