Vampire Prince In Love
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INTRODUCTION They are four brothers and princes from the vampire kingdom Hell. They were sent to the Earth by their father the most dreaded King Akira of the Hell. On a mission to get one of the vampires who fled to Earth. Nathan.... He was the angel of silent cold! Drake... He was an angel of war.... The only language he understands is battle and war. Marcel... He was an angel of dark vision... He could see through anyone's mind. He could read minds perfectly. Then we have Jasper... He was an angel of darkness . His heart is as dark as charcoal and he doesn't care about anyone. He is a definition of wickedness and cruelty... He has no remorse for humans. These four vampire princes were sent to Earth for the mission. **** Maribella Robert the proud arrogant only daughter of the rich Robert's family. Maribella is rude. She was betrothed to the only son of the wealthiest family Damon Gonzalez. Though she wasn't in love with Damon she thinks he is worth her. A day to her ultimate wedding she went missing.. Who took her? That was the puzzle no one could solve....
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