To Love a Mermaid
Tricia writes

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Ae Ri is just like every other human but she woke up one day to discover she has special abilities. She could read the minds of people by just staying close to them. Just when she thought that was all, she discovered another amazing secret. She was a mermaid but how is that possible? She was given birth to by human parents but unfortunately for her, both parent were dead so there was no one she could question about who she is. Ye Jun wakes up one morning to discover his only purpose for being in this world is to protect Ae Ri. A prophecy was made as soon as he was born and there was no way he could escape it. He has to protect the princess because that's his reason for coming to earth. Along with that prophecy, it was stated clearly that Ae Ri and Ye Jun should never fall in love. Ye Jun fell in love with Ae Ri ever before finding out about the prophecy but even after finding out, he still decided to follow his heart. Mi Cha is Ae Ri's rival and major enemy. She poses a threat to Ae Ri in many ways but most importantly, she's bent on stealing Ae Ri's birth right. Fate played a hard one on them when they became best friends but later discovered they were worst enemies. Mi Cha is therefore placed in a difficult position as she has to choose between friendship and the throne. Lots of enemies were created because of a powerful golden crystal that Ae Ri had inside of her which she didn't even know of. Find out what happens in this supernatural and intriguing story. Tricia
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