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The Hybrid's Daughter- Red Moon The Curse
Author Wizkiss

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A beautiful, bold, sixteen years old teenage girl by the name Clara Jackson who had to enroll in Great Hills High after she moved away from her former School and Town due to her mother's new job, falls in love with the handsome, talented school hero whose name is Adams ( A wolf ) While seeking a romantic life with this charming teenage boy, Clara's life would change forever when she discovered a Truth about herself. She isn't human. Not only is she the daughter of the powerful, ruthless Hybrid, who is known as DEATH, she had a deadly curse placed on her since she was just a little infant, even worse she only has to her seventeen birthday to live Time is running out fast for Clara. She needs all the help she can get from her friends and most especially from her powerful, hybrid father if she is to survive past this But who is this powerful hybrid father? Will he be willing to help her since he is ruthless and pure evil? And who exactly placed a curse on her when she was little?
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paranormal romance
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