The Fake Alpha
Dee Gleem

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As I turn to march out of the room, my feet stop and my breath hitches. "Bryanna. Why…” I whip back around and glare at them. "You aren't to use that name in public. Only when we are in private and alone.” Jacob flashes me a crooked smile. His eyes sparkle as he waves his finger around in the air. “We are alone. It is only us three in here.” He rests his arm on the table and gives me a cheesy grin, almost daring me to slap it off him. His t-shirt stretches tight against his muscular chest and accents his well-defined muscles. He has a true alpha body. The sparkle in his light brown eyes shimmers as he leans forward. In a deep, husky voice, he adds, “We know all your secrets. Plus, we can see your true self. The one nobody else can see because of the magic spell. Should I go on?” My heartbeat echoes in my ears as I stumble forward. How could he act like this? Brayden, the heir to his pack, is forced into a contract relationship right before his eighteenth birthday which his father claims to be the best for both him and the pack. However, as he gets older, he soon realizes the contract relationship may not be the best choice for him, but it was a great choice for his father. When Brayden and the contract are on the verge of falling apart, he faces a choice only he can make. Does he fight for the mate he can't detect at the risk of his secret coming out? Or does he sacrifice his happiness for the pack and his father's wishes while also keeping his secret buried?
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