The Duke's Villainess Wife Is An Impostor
Ruffa Torres

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Bright and Intelligent Arabella Angelstone is the secret twin sister of a socialite heiress. Her existence could ruin her sister's reputation so she was hidden from the real world. Life was sweet and simple for her. However, a single decision changed her life forever. By Alexandria's evil manipulation, she was sent to Brittania to meet her twin's fiancé and pretend to be her. The moment Bella laid her eyes on the dashing Duke of St. Alexander, she instantly fell head over heels for him. In his arms she found solace and love. At last she had a place where she truly belonged. Just when everything fell perfectly into place, Alexandria returned and reclaimed her place as Lucas's future wife. The day of Lucas and Alexandria's wedding, Bella was killed by a gun man. She survives after six months of coma but the baby she wasn't aware she's carrying didn't make it. She left the country and tried to rebuild her life despite everything. Three years later, at the privacy of her home she was abducted. While trying to flee from her abductor, the car she was driving was wrecked into a fatal collision. When she woke up, she was no longer Bella Rose, the meek beauty with a solitary life but Alexandria St. Alexander, the socialite heiress hated by everyone including Lucas Nicholas Alexander.... her husband. Gone with her identity was her memory of the past, will she be able to live the life opposite her own?
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