The Dance Of Death
Racheal Perez

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You only have to survive until the sun comes up. Question is, will the sun ever come up? The Cursed Prince. Prince Jamil of the summer realm has been cursed to die at the hands of his mate, and he is willing to do anything, absolutely anything to make certain he never finds a mate. The Desperate Human. All Mia wants is to be free. She wants to be free of her pedophile of a foster father. But a cruel prank leads her to a fate worse than death. For within the walls of the summer palace, losing means her free will is forfeit until her mortality is at an end. The Dance Of Death. The one night a year humans can enter the realm of the faes. But to have your one wish granted, you must participate in the dance of the death. Lose, and your life belongs to the fae. This year, a prince who must not marry and the girl that must win at all cost are the participants. One endless night with tricky faes, treacherous foes and backstabbing friends. When the morning comes, will the prince be the victor or will he lay his life down for the one he holds dear above all?
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