The Curse of the Werewolf

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In the modern world there is a man who was cursed a century ago, his punishment is to be a wolf. He was Aurelius Alberici the eldest son of the Queen and King of the United Kingdom, because he was cruel and wicked, he was cursed, and he was brought to today's world where he turns into a wolf whenever night descends, and then to other place where tragedies are widespread owing to extraordinary beings that most people refer to as ‘Vampires.’ On the contrary, there is a modern-day woman who enjoys reading tales about extraordinary creatures such as Werewolves. She is Amelia Xena Wylla Fattore Cacace, she was adopted by three nuns in the church; she was a compassionate, generous, and gregarious woman who almost never refused to talk, which may be one of the reasons why everyone in the church adores her. Whatever her character was, it was completely contradictory to Aurelius' personality. If Aurelius' character does not alter through love by the end of the blue moon, the curse will continue. But first and foremost, what will be the two's connection and purpose in each other's lives? Let's take a look at the love story of two individuals who will serve us excitement, heartache, and lessons.
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