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The Bodyguard CEO is a heart- pounding and very interesting story.. it takes us through the journey of two different but loving individuals; Gem and Leon. Gem is a Model in the Modelling/Fashion Industry. After her mother death her father who she once had hope on betrayed her by marrying a new woman who is now her Step-Mother by name Maria. Maria also had a daughter named Jolene. Jolene is Gem's Step-sister and rival in the Modelling industry. She always wants to be perfect, respected and more beautiful like Gem. Everything changes and unfolds when Gem met Leon. The most powerful handsome CEO of the world biggest security agency and first world class owner of Bodyguard Industry.   Gem made Leon her personal Bodyguard without knowing the secrets behind her Bodyguard. Find out in the Story. When more secrets get unfold. Will Gem's father and Step-Mother be forgiven after what he's done to Gem and her mother. Will Jolene ever get what she wants. What happens when Leon finds Gem as a very amazing woman to with. THE STORY HAS JUST BEGAN......!!!
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