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She had onced believed in the idea of do well to be loved well. But no matter what she do, no matter how hard she thrive, she had never felt nor received such foolish feelings. She was once a naive girl, hoping to receive affection, but now that she died, she no longer know if seeking for love was really the right path. Looking up to the dull vision of her body moving on its own and killing herself for the nth time, every second made her heart turn cold. Even loosing the hope in her eyes. A dry and petty laugh made out from her mouth as her heart secretly mourned and also hoped. Someone out there, grant me my greed, she thought, let me live. Just this once. As nothing seemed to happen, she smiled bitterly and closed her eyes. But when she opened it again she was back. But this time, she will change everything. Love? I have money. Attention? I have knowledge. Relationship? I got food. But wait, who are you and why are you doting on me?
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