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In the village of Sta. Isadora lives with a sixteen-year-old girl named “Luna” with her Grandmother Martha who is known as a great albularyo or herb doctor. Luna is a victim of bullying from teammates, classmates, friends, and the people around her. She has a dark birthmark live big mole on her left cheek. Martha died for no apparent reason. The dead body was found on the riverbank while an amulet magnet rested on the chest. There is a groove on each side of the magnet that varies in size and shape. Luna saw a letter and a small golden yellow stone under the bamboo pallet that served as her bedroom. Her grandmother's letter states that she needs to discover the mystery and magic that surrounds the Panta mountain where she could find the magical amulet box. This is the only way to save the entire village of Sta. Isadora from a plague and curse. She had to resist the weakness of her will. She has to surpass the seven mountains were on the last mountain where she could able to find the amulet magnet box. What she needs to do is to get back the magnet by sticking it correctly only once in the amulet box. After so many trials, and failures. Luna fulfilled the mission successfully. Luna was lucky to have the amulet magnet glued correctly only once in the amulet box. Luna achieved strange powers and is known as "Pantaluna". Pantaluna is a famous heroine of her young generation. Luna can transfer and pass on her power to the next generation. Finally, the curse and plague disappeared completely in the village of Sta. Isadora. The entire village turned into a green leafy and bountiful environment.
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