Our Secret Romance

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Pressured to find and marry a guy that her son can call father, the introvert and traumatize Marie is forced to swallow her pride and ask the hottest bachelor she could ever grab out of a wing to be her husband. Just to escape the clutches of her parents and her arranged marriage towards the man she never met before. A perfect man to whom she can have a contract to pretend to be the father of her son in three months until her arranged marriage is called off. Bombarded and finally had enough, Anthony escapes his parents' plan to marry the girl they wanted for him by which he does not have the slightest interest about, and the solution? to find the perfect contract wife that will only say yes to him no matter what. A simple, true and trustworthy one. To the rundown of things, they both meet in a rather destined accident that went first into a one-night stand and end up to the fake marriage and contract that will solve their problems. But what if Anthony is not just an ordinary guy, to begin with, and Marie is not just an unfortunate person who got herself pregnant because of a bet? Can they still treasure each other if their secrets will explode and they will both know that there is more than a connection they never expect to have and each other?
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