One Night With The Villacorta's Heir

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Sometimes, when we are drunk we may not know what we are doing so one day we will just think that what we are doing is not right. "Babe, go ahead ...... kiss me." Said a woman where she hugged a man and begged him to kiss her. "No way, just go to sleep." The man stopped, the woman immediately wrapped her hand around this man's neck "What the?" The man said annoyed but before everyone else the woman kissed her. "Uhm." The woman growled sharply, she didn't care about the mistake she had made because of the heat and pleasure she felt "Uhm ..... Jacob plea-." She could not continue what she was going to say when a man suddenly spoke. "I'm not your boyfriend." Gracel Velasquez a simple woman who once made a mistake, can this mistake change her life? or it will yet be the igniter of the ruin of her life.
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