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"It's either you accept my offer or walk out of this company, then I can send this to all firms you apply to and have them not have you. It's two ways." She stopped trying to break free. I could see the tears gather in her eyes. "What do you say sweet cakes?" I whispered in her ears. The door swung open, just like how I had expected. "What the hell is going on here?" Her body went rigid. "Don't keep a man waiting for too long love. I wouldn't want to go back to her." I kissed her along her jaw line and bit on the skin around her shoulder. "Be mine Pamela Diaz. Accept my offer, it's quite the catch." "Kyle what on earth are you doing with that whore? Why are you kissing her?" "I." Pamela's voice shook, and the first tear dropped down her eye. "Kyle what the hell is going on, Kyle?" "Don't make me make a mistake I would regret later on in life." My hold on her tightened. After a moments breath she answered. "Yes, I will marry you." "You will what?" Donna's voice boomed. I stole Pamela away with a kiss, but even at that I could feel her salty tears ran down her face.
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