Night of the love-comet
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She had something that the handsome deadly Alien guy wanted making her an instrument to he used by the handsome Detective general Lin to use in tracking down the wanted alien killer.... And when these 3 hearts entangle, not even Pluto could redeem anyone.... Yang Sunni had always dreamt of being a detective and this dreams lead her into an adventurous yet dangerous encounter with two men.... One is the alien from Pluto who kills every comet night to keep alive while he searches for his instrument back home and when he finds this tool In Sunni? It's gonna go a long way into a lovely chaos Another is the workaholic Detective general Lin who is dedicated to work and finding this alien. When he finds out that This girl might be related to this Alien... Certainly it will be another class of fun! Now these two guys want her by their side for their own selfish motive but when love enters...? It will be more than that... and when past enemies emerge for the same purpose, it's bond to be a game of love, war and redemption..
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alien lover
parallel universe
good girl
k drama
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