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Arida M. Sanchez has been insulted and despised since childhood by her classmates because of her family's very difficult lifestyle. So the time came that she stood firm and fought against all the people who oppressed her and she swore to herself that she would never be poor forever. In her high school life she met Clifford Eliseo Araneta who was a nerd and from a wealthy family. She could not reciprocate the love, so she chose to attract and snatch from her friend Emily Claire Rodriguez her handsome young man and boyfriend Geron Martin Dela Costa just to get his wealth. But she did not succeed. A lot of time passed and Arida met a poor student named Gerald Martinez and here she fought her feelings of love because she did not want to send her feelings because love cannot compensate for the money and wealth she seeks. It was at that point that she discovered the weakness, the mysterious revenge and the love she had not experienced when she was still in high school. The time comes when Arida discovers that her ugly duckling and wimpy classmate Clifford Eliseo Araneta is none other than Gerald Martinez who is a full -fledged heir of a wealthy clan and also a billionaire. Arida gradually suffered and learned the value of love than money when they reunited in the same company but Arida's change of mind was delayed especially when her growing love for Clifford when her elementary childhood sweetheart came into her life. that Earl Roland Sebastian O. Mariano which paved the way for Arida’s decision to choose for her love to be even more complicated.
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