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Through the life we live today, we all know about what love brings in our daily lives…it brings happiness from within. We also know that it brings pain, but in all, we can never do without love for one another. Ain’t you wondering why some of us scared of loving one another This is a story about a beautiful girl by name Roselyn Sanchez and Jeffrey Sullivan. she is an elegant woman with attractive looking, capable to lore any man that she comes in contact with, she is an arrogant, intelligent and strong daughter of Mr. Sanchez the CEO of Sanchez Enterprise, of a multi billionaire company, now you can see why she is full of her self, she listens to none but her father “FRANK SANCHEZ” “She was a grown woman, old enough to make her decisions and do whatever she pleases. Now, this man – her papa, had chosen a husband for her. How could he?” *She nurses a dark secret of her past life that later came to torment her* “Damn this man! She wasn’t living for him. And he couldn’t dictate whom she’d marry, she’d show him.” Jeffrey on the other hand detest her so much that he don’t even want to see her for who she is… Surprisingly, the both parents who have been friends for ages decided that both will marry each other for old time sake… Will Jeffrey change his mind and get married to this arrogant God for nothing Evil princess to save his father? Roselyn- will she ever consider doing same???Is there any possibility of them throwing away their fears and insecurities to find love in each other??? Do Find out as you explore this lovely Romantic Novel “LOVE-HATE RELATIONSHIP” and see the characters come to life…
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