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POPINK is authorised to legally use this work which is owned by EMP Entertainment PTE. LTD. when telling a story, the teller always claims truth because THEY'RE ones telling it! My name is Emma, awesome name, i know, and I'm going to tell you my story. well you can't argue with me or tell me that what i tell isn't true cause it's MY story and I'll tell it how i want to. The TRUTH. so it all starts from senior class better know as high school. The class where i realized how ugly human nature is and how hard it is to actually have friends and be different. like HELLO?! i don't want to be a Goddamn sheep and follow the crowd!!. i made friends, i lost friends. i realized i didn't need to be OKAY with everyone. I wish SOMEONE told me that when i started at the school. I didn't learn from my last school, so i guess I'm to blame for part of the *. Take a seat and eat some chips or something. It's not a long story but it would certainly feel that way.
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