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Allen Carter was an innocent, young, and beautiful woman whose life was all rosy and sweet until she suddenly needed money for her grandmother's surgical cancer operation. A man she met at her workplace bar approached her and told her about an offer to marry a billionaire for six months in exchange for a large sum of money. She hesitated at first but quickly agreed because she needed the money so badly. What she didn't realize was that she was designed to replace the CEO's "runaway bride" because they shared the same facial features. She eventually discovers that this CEO was the most ruthless and cold CEO known in her country, Mr. Raymond.  She thought she could divorce after pretending to be the runaway bride for six months, but Raymond had already discovered that she wasn't his real wife. Things got worse when the CEO accused her of hiding his runaway bride and threatened to destroy everything in and around her if she didn't tell him where she was.
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