His Fake Identity
Rose of Sharon

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Alex crop is a America business tycoon.He's everybody favourite. He's loved by the rich and the poor.A twenty eight younger billion naira struggling to lay his hands on something Even though he's rich, he's still trying to achieve something he can lay his hands on anything but he couldn't lay his hand on something, LOVE, love was not his calling.He lost faith in love.He's friend came up with a plan,What plan? which plan? Here we have Belovet cropper, a sales girl in a big and fancy restaurant A twenty two young lady, She's okay and satisfied with what she has,But she has no rest of mind men [young, old, ancestor] are ready to drop any amount just to have her. She flew away from Mexico and came to America.She stays with a friend, WHO? Chloe Simas she's s a receptionist in five star hotel. A twenty four young beautiful lady but not like Belovet.she's a bitch, a stripper at night and a worker in the day, I She's belovet childhood friend, however what happen when hatred took over.
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