He'll Turn to Me

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Avery Santiago is a bubbly college freshman and a member of the university women's volleyball team. She's a cheerful and friendly character but she is as ordinary as a girl can be. Until she met a stranger with a silver-colored kitten one rainy afternoon. That's when her world began to become special. Because as Avery earned herself a lovely persian cat for a pet; she also got involved with a certain Carson Satroneda, whom she had fallen in love with ---- at first sight. Avery soon experiences a roller-coaster of happiness and heartbreaks after she and Carson became friends. Everything was going well until she discovers a devastating secret that'll cause their fates to separate and fall apart. Nine years later, Avery's quiet life turns upside down once more, the moment Carson shows up to mess with things again. So what happens when the guy she never stopped loving all those years, knocks at her broken heart for the second time? Will Avery take another risk and let him in? Or will she choose to stay safely hidden in the arms of her ordinary world?
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