Future Forcados

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POPINK is authorised to legally use this work which is owned by A&D Entertainment PTE. LTD. The prestigious Forcados high school had been a home of constant drama and mystery. It only got interesting with the arrival of the new girl, Efua. Although very taciturn, she eventually made some life lasting friendships and relationships not also forgetting to add some spice to their lives even till graduation. Fast forward into the next twenty years, we get to see the lives of some of the bright students of Forcados high school. After spending so many years away from Nigeria Efua returns back home. She comes back with an objective to stick to her new job and live her best life as an independent woman. She had done her best maneuvering her way through the road of love back in the states and she figured it would be easier here in Nigeria, or so she thought. Fate eventually puts Jimi Solade on the road and she finds herself breaking her own rules. The road to love is clear but Amaka and her uncle pose as barriers to the smooth sailing of this ship. Efua begins to re-live her worst nightmare and she realizes that just maybe, taking this new job was not really a bright idea. The experience turns into a blood bath of love, war, hate, resentment and past demons.
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Devina Tan
Well, this is one of the most underrated novels here
2021-10-13 02:40:41 0