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FutsuYuri: I wanted to reincarnate normally!! Not in this Yuri Game!!
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Hameru Matasoto was a very cheerful and stubborn girl, she has no sense of direction and always seemed to get lost. Ah, what a predicament. She never knew she would die because something as small like that. Hameru met the God of Light and Fate, God of Fate. It seems that she died without them even knowing, as an apology they made Hameru reincarnate. With a wish to make she chose to make her life to be normal, but they unknowingly said "An Exciting Life" Oops? "Hah. Cheerful and stubborn, huh? Being naive wouldn't excuse a stupid girl. I can't believe I used to be like that." The game she reincarnated in started to twist her personality into something more fitting of the character "Nikami Shiromoru." Cold, Distant, and blunt she became. And what's worse? She's being forced to fall in love with the Main Character of this game, Sweet like smelling a rose while the thorns prick the hand, blood dripping down. "I want to stop this, This is the opposite of normal you tricksters of Gods."
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