Flames of Revenge
L. Howard

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Ember accepted her lot in life. On the run, she only wishes to find out the truth behind her dreams and solve the memory of her past. Keegan has only cared about protecting his pack, but when he sees the beauty dancing on stage and the flicker of flames in her eyes his body screams, Mate! What happens when the Alpha finds out his mate is an exotic dancer that controls fire and smoke? Can Keegan tame the flames of Ember and together solve the mystery of her missing past? Or will they all burn together? Excerpt: Twenty-four years of coming here and still not a single clue, but every time I close my eyes, I return to this place. I know my surroundings perfectly. Oddly the place is beautiful to the eyes. The old house sat among flowers growing around all sides. The aroma of honeysuckle and jasmine fill my lungs filling me with a moment's peace. I’m sitting in my usual spot. Gripping the ropes of a swing in the front yard held by a large oak tree. Waiting I begin pushing my legs back and forth sending me in motion. I know something is about to happen. It happens every night. The house moves in front of my eyes. I see the shadows coming, but I don’t stop swinging. They are black as night but I can see smiles within the shadow grinning bright. “What is this place!” I cry, fed up with this nightly repetition, but no sound emerges. A noise can be heard from the back of the house. One of the shadows turns toward it. I jump down to follow only to have the other shadow hold me back. “Don’t go. Not yet. Listen to me!”
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Lora Howard
Hello Everyone! Just wanted to give you all a heads up that my book hasn’t been forgotten. For now I am having to complete chapters offline due to another platform’s dishonest actions. If you would like more information you can find it on my fb page LMidnightArt. Much love!
2022-05-17 12:13:39 0
Lora Howard
Author here and I just want to thank everyone for reading Flames of Revenge! Looking forward to having you on this journey with Ember and Keegan. Don't forget to add to your library to be notified of updates and if you have time leave a comment. I'd love to hear from you! Thank You!💕
2022-03-10 12:06:54 0