F*ckYeah! I’m The Villain

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POPINK is authorised to legally use this work which is owned by EMP Entertainment PTE. LTD. Walking across the street 23 year old Bai An saw an injured kitten limping across the road as a huge vehicle sped towards it. Her animal lover instincts kicked in and she pushed the kitty away just in time it's body landing on an old torn up mattress. However Bai An herself was not as lucky with no one wanting to risk their lives to save hers she quickly fell victim to Truck Sama. "At least I did a good deed" was her final thought before her mind gave into the darkness. Waking up she sees her self floating in the air, everything around her is pitch black as her mind races wild with idiotic thougts. "What the-..." all of a sudden a ball of light appears out of nowhere. "WELCOME MY DEAR CHILD TO THE DIMENSION OF SPIRITS" A fat man bellowed his bald head shining brightly with vigor as if saying " look at me, look at me see how smooth I am I know u wanna touch it." Bai An laughs at her ridiculous thoughts before bringing her attention back to the piece of blubber in front of her. The fat man whose name she learned is Jun Qiang told her that he's from the committee of gods who decided that her death was too early so they decided that she would be Reincarnated into one of their worlds. Which one she doesn't know but she's a little excited because from the novels she's read before the protagonist always gets sent to a world that's a game they already played in their past life and they have a ton of cheats so she's hyped up. Jun Qiang then wishes her good luck as she feels her spirit being sucked into a vortex. "Awwwww YEAHHHHHH" she screams but it comes out as a baby's wail instead as her arms flail around her eyesight blurry.
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