Billionaire's Warranted Betrayal For His Darling Wife
R.A Higheels

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After a plane crash leaves Ophelia Sanchez, a once pretty girl with an ugly scar, she eliminates all thoughts of marriage from her heart. Not until the Young Master Gonzales showed up at the home for old people she worked in. Because of the love at first sight, they get married. What she didn't bargain for was his malicious relatives who hated her because of her scar. Since the Young Master was always on business trips, they made her life hell. One day, Ophelia is set up and she gets locked up in prison. When the Young Master is called to testify against her, he says, "I never loved this woman. Always knew she was up to no good with that ugly scar on her face!" Ophelia is beyond shocked. She is declared to be insane and given a sentence to a mental asylum. When a fire break happens, she manages to escape. Four years later, Ophelia is taken in by a rich billionaire who adopts her. She is determined to make the Gonzales family pay with their blood for what they did to her...
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