Beauty Of Darkness
Alexia J. Delvalle

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POPINK is authorised to legally use this work which is owned by EMP Entertainment PTE. LTD. "I had lived my whole life in a glass box, I let my fears and insecurities blind me and the consequence was to lose someone I loved. That was my fault, I accept it." Skyler O'Brian is 18 years old and has started to complete his senior year of high school with his best friend Lisa. Her life was not perfect but she likes what she had, parents who adore her, food, home and she had her best friend for everything. Why complain when something is good? In itself a fairly normal life of course, until something that does not fit in his worldly life happens, something that scares her deeply. From that moment everything changes, even the way she looks at the new boys, they hid something. Everything starts to get complicated when creatures out of stories, myths, and legends appear causing a lot of confusion, entanglements as well as problems. Skyler will have to face what she fears the most to save herself and those she loves or everything will be chaos. But, when the line between friend and enemy is blurred, can you trust someone? Because sometimes evil can hide disguised of the brightest light. "I will give you one advice child, choose well who you trust when you are wounded because it is easier to be stabbed by a friend than by an enemy"
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