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On the night of the full moon of Darshan Ravindra, a crown prince of the Ravindra Kingdom woke up and felt a strange feeling in his body, and sure enough when Darhan looked in the mirror his face and body were already furry like a wolf, because of fear Darhan immediately jumped from the balcony of his room, ran and hid into the forest. Until one day when Darshan was hunting at night, a moon goddess dressed in white came down from the sky to Darshan, she told him to meditate for 40 days without eating anything. The Moon Goddess also mentioned the name of the beautiful woman "Darshan you don't need to be afraid, this is a curse from your parents' mistakes in the past, you only need to meet a beautiful witch named Kyra Quensha. Don't worry, this curse is only temporary. Darshan, she is the one who will heal you. But there are many obstacles that will come your way. when you go to Arthur's kingdom, calm down I have given you strength, go" Message the Moon Goddess Because Darshan's parents had allied themselves with the evil witch and violated the agreement, Darshan was cursed and turned into a werewolf. How will Darshan's story end? Will he succeed in finding the beautiful sorceress Kyra Quensha who can release her curse?
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