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Demoted To An Omega

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**EXCERPT FROM THE STORY** "As the new Alpha of vengeful eyed pack, I thereby pass my first judgment on Ciara Acacia Jones,You are therefore demoted to a omega." He said with so much hatred, anger and rage using his alpha tone. I felt my wolf, Tavia, whimper and cowered back in fear under his voice. **** "No, you cannot mark her, I am your mate,,,What will happen to me if you mark her,"I said while crying. "You cannot do this to me, please!!!.." I said begging him. "I have to do it for my pack......our pack."He said before leaving Being born an omega is different from being made an omega. Meet Ciara Acacia Jones,a beta's daughter who was demoted to an omega and was blamed because of a tragic incident that claimed lots of lives. Will she survive the pain? Will the truth be revealed? When she meets her mate,will he accept or reject her? Will she ever find happiness?-Does she deserve it? Find out in this thrilling story
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This was great until in the middle of me reading the story, I'm literally on Chapter 34 and it has 62 chapters total, it turned into the monthly pass only reading. Really freaking rude as well as under handed, plus now I doubt I'll read this author again and tell my friends the same.
2022-03-04 18:42:21 3
hi guys, Leo and Rose story is now available Alpha's Slut Mate❣️
2021-12-31 15:23:05 4