Infinity Has Its End
Izce Rhain

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Growing up, Liyah’s status as an orphan became a laughing stock, children bully her and even called her names, but those things did not stop her from excelling in her class. She used those dark moments to move forward and prove to them that she deserved respect. She gained that after being named the top student in the entire town. This success became her gateway to receiving a full scholarship at a prestigious university in Georgia, Whispers Valley University. The news excites her because moving to the city was one of her dreams and meeting friends was second. The first couple of days was great until she met a mysterious creature followed by the death of her roommate/friend. Everything turned upside down. Thinking that this was just a mere coincidence, she tried to forget and moved on, but bad luck kept following her. During her stay, she met Philip Gray, a misunderstood but caring classmate, and there was Redmond Crozzeria, Mr. Popular, and a snobby senior on the campus. These men played an important part in her journey as she discovered her true identity. How will they accept the truth once it hits them? Will these men still see Liyah for who she was or will they resent her for who will she become? And can she turn her back on her destiny? Can she fight her true self once it resurfaced? Will she really be the one they are expecting her to be? Or will she be able to defeat it and live the life she hoped and dream for?
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