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Her Second-Hand Husband!

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Anika and Arjun are made for each other. They doesn't know that in all the encounters they had. Destiny showed them that through many clues but they are not brilliant enough to read the clues right. Their family tied them together in the sacred knots after a series of events. Not knowing the inner turmoil of each other, they start their life with bitterness! It is a story of a girl who marries a man of wealth. It's her first marriage, but for him, it's not. She is a girl from a middle class family and finds it hard to settle herself in a place where everything looks alien to her. She is in love with someone and couldn't accept him as her husband. Will she find the love she has lost in him or will she hate him for taking away her love from her? He has a dark past that she is yet to find out. Will that dark past make them drift apart or will she heal his wounded soul and have a happily ever after? Jump in to find out more!
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