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Tears in Heaven

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Anna Albanese, a kindergarten teacher, lives the tragedy of her life. Her husband dies in a plane crash and her world crumbles down in just an instant. She begins to have nightmares with known people and then random people, dreaming of their deaths. With the help of her best friend Emily, she manages to overcome her past and see into the future, a future where she will encounter Enzo Buonaurio, a charismatic Italian saxophonist. She feels like his music is healing her, but her worst nightmare returns when she finds out that Enzo has everything to do with her past.
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Georgiana Mara
I love the book. The subject is great. Congratulations!
2022-08-30 12:50:13 1
Allie Garboczi
Enzo is so dreamy! from the book trailer to first chapter, I was hooked on this love story of tenderness, tragedy, regret, and second chances! a book to be devoured!
2021-09-01 05:54:59 2