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To Love Or To Kill(Monsters You Made 1)
Racheal Perez

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~"I'm sorry Maidra, I was only doing my job.." "Your job?!" I boomed, my vision going red. "You used me! I fell in love with you and you used me." He blanched but almost immediately, his demeanor turned cold. "Love is an illusion, it doesn't exist. My job was to bring the one true queen back, and that's all I did"~ First she was sold into slavery by a father she would have died for, then she was banished into the city of the dead. As if that was not enough, she gets kidnapped on the way there by men of the rival kingdom who mistook her for the princess. If she told the truth to her captor, he would kill her, if her king paid the ransom, she would become a traitor to the kingdom once her lie was discovered. A ray of hope shines into her deary world in the form of a mysterious man who breaks into her cell. But then she is betrayed again in the worst way possible and now only one choice can be made; To love this man and hold on to her humanity or kill him to ensure her survival?
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hate to love
dark romance
ruthless protagonist
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