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The Irrevocable Prophecy

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"You will know if you have found her. You will notice a connection that you are unable to decipher. Everything seemed to shift the moment you saw her. Nothing else will matter because gravity will no longer hold you to the planet, but to her. You'll go to great lengths to be there for her and do anything for her. Similarly, you owe it to her to protect her, avenge her, and lay down your life for her. As if you were mirrors, you will experience the same emotions as she does. When she moves, it's as if she's a magnet, and you can't help but gravitate toward her. And you will feel her anguish because you are inseparably linked on the inside and out. She was born and beautifully crafted specifically for you." ~ I keep hoping that one day, there will be a parallel world where the things that we were never have to change. That I would still mean something more to you, just as your gentle touch used to spark our undying devotion for each other. Which your heart strives to beat for me and never comes to an end. Toward which our love would find no place for eclipse and catastrophe, all of which is now a happy and painful memory to reflect on. Allow our love a shot at redemption– A moment in which staying together eternally is more than just a wicked passion.. An episode in which we never have to choose anguish over salvation.. A scenario in which no sacrifice is inevitable.. And another shot in our lives where our fate is more than just an irrevocable prophecy.
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