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CHECKMATE: Transmigrated to Combat my Characters
Missy Bonsai

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Ash Grey, not really an aspiring writer with a crazy past. In an unknown reason, she woke up in the fantasy world she wrote! The book is mess with non-stop plotting battle between the heroine and the witty villainess. Both royalties and to mention there are powers! Did Ash reincarnated as the Heroine? Or the Villainess? Come on, that’s too cliche! She became the innocent-victim extra-character, that was intended to die in the story because of accusation of crime she did not do. A daughter of a duke, Ingrid Cantelly. And to add the mess, she transmigrated at a critical timeline. Yep, Ash Grey is indeed in grave danger. She must fight her way to survive. She will be fighting against the characters she made --- might regret making the villainess so witty. Well the plots and brains were hers, so in the end, she’s like fighting to survive against herself, like playing chess alone, a headache! Will she survive anyways? Or the villainess and other characters checkmate her to her doom?
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