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Despised At First Sight

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Maya is a 23 year old orphan girl who has lived in multiple homes since the death of her parents. She had one passion. To reach the highest height in her career. A few years after reaching the mid-height of her career, she comes in contact with Mark, a well known billionaire betrothed to the heir of the largest shipping and logistics company. Mark is arrogant, wealthy and yet, breathtakingly handsome. These two fall in love but Maya hides her feelings, fearing rejection whiles Mark hides his, because of pride. He calls Maya a low life girl who is not worthy of his love. As the tables turn, Maya meets Tom who is a perfect embodiment of her description of a dream man but will she be able to let go of her feelings for Mark? Will Mark be able to love her and give up the heir of the largest shipping company? Will Maya be able to reciprocate Toms' love or will she forgive Mark for how he despised her? Let's find out as the story unfolds....
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Love this story! This was a a good book. I liked the pace unlike some others it didn’t drag on. It was precise and to the point.
2021-07-21 02:23:57 2