My Husband is Fierce

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Married for three years, Emma still didn't meet her mysterious husband. And yet on a blind date set by her friend, she met the fabulously rich CEO, Jade Long by mistake! "What do you call me?" The man asked in a deep low voice. "Uh..." she couldn’t bear his touch anymore, whimpering, "H-Hubby...?" "Wrong!" The person answered with more strength. He fastened his speed, making Emma out of control again. Emma couldn't take it anymore and begged for mercy, "Please...Long...I can’t bear it anymore!"
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Judy Robinette
Is there a way to find out if the author will finish this book? If not, I would like a refund on all the money I spent reading 1/2 a book .
2022-05-26 18:24:41 0
Melinda Gergen
please update your book, its been months with NO chapters 🤦
2022-05-21 00:18:54 0
Tina Harner
why did this book stop halfway through after I spent so much on this already
2022-02-12 00:20:40 4