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Tales of Cousland : Princess
Stephanie Hurst

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Taking a deep breath, I walked over to Ryan. As soon as I was close enough Ryan grabbed me and sniffed my neck. His eyes flashed as they narrowed in on Will “YOU.” His voice was more beast than Ryan, he clutched me to his chest as he started to stalk towards Will. I had to do something. “STOP – NO.” I tried to push back but I was no match. Thankfully the other Lycan intercepted in time, forcing Ryan back, I turned and shouted to Will “GET BACK TO THE PACKHOUSE.” Will was about to object, Ryan pushed forward again, anger flashing in his eyes, Will turned and ran. Ryan let out a massive howl that shook the ground and increased his fight to get to the now fleeing Will. “Ryan if you take one step over that border you can kiss goodbye to peace. You need to get back control.” The other Lycan was pleading with Ryan, but it was no use. ********************************************** When Charlotte Cousland was five years old, her parents gave her away to humans because she was in danger. Once Charlotte connects with her inner wolf, she is determined to find out what happened to her birth parents and pack. The only way forward is back and that takes Charlotte straight to Lycan’s. Lycan King Ryan Nylec spent the last 15 years cleaning up his father’s mess. Ryan is convinced he will never find his fated mate, until a werewolf Princess stumbles into his path. Once Ryan realises who she is, he knows that the delicate peace that has been formed is surely going to crumble. Can he be with his fated mate without causing a war? Can she forgive him and his family or will she stand against him?
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