The Alpha's Rejection

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Alpha Elijah who is known to be cold-hearted, ruthless and arrogant is feared by all. Rumors say he is totally cruel and leaves no enemy behind. His reputation does him no justice in the social department as he was rejected 3 times by his mates. A secret he intends to keep to himself. Convinced he doesn’t need love he takes it upon himself to reject his forth chance mate to preserve his pride. “I Alpha Elijah of blackmist pack reject you Zoe Chloe Anderson of white mist pack as my mate and Luna.” “But why…” “I don’t need a mate. I’m fine on my own! I don’t want some she-wolf up in my business!” He roared arrogantly. “I Zoe Chloe Anderson of whitemist pack reject your rejection, humph” she scoffed. Zoe is an arrogant, egotistic and selfish Alpha’s daughter who doesn’t take no for an answer. What happens when she meets the most ruthless Alpha in the world and he rejects her as his mate? They say opposites attract but similarities bind. Will these two look past all their shortcomings and accept each other? Or will their pride lead them to separate ways?
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