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Under the Blue Moon

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Zach is a young adult werewolf who had lost almost his entire family when he was still a child, only he and his mother escaped the Hunters that had tracked them down and slaughtered them all. They managed to find a safe place to live with a large group of other supernatural beings but it was never the same as being part of a pack. According to his mother, somewhere out there is his destined mate and wanting to find a new pack to live with, Zach goes off in search of them. Rem is a young adult whose family's bloodline has always been Hunters. He is brash, stubborn, often gets himself into trouble and can generally rub people the wrong way with his smart-ass attitude. Very few people see his softer side. So what happens when your destined mate is the one meant to hunt you down and kill you? Well, Zach is about to find out!
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