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Mated To Luna
Angela Yuleyru Hunx

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A powerful alpha? A powerful female alpha? Or should it be the most powerful and respected female alpha? So respected, even by her haters. Alpha Deluna Hansen is the typical american italian beauty, but not a human. Be in her human form, she's a angel with the killer curves. Be in her wolf self, she's fierce and strong. Alpha Luna enjoys the peace of her pack and not being interrupted by attacks. But she misses just one thing: a mate. She's desperate to find one and even more desperate to fulfill her promise. All desires to be with her mate dies when she finds out she's mated to a weak human, and she only finds the mating topic disgusting. But a vow is barely breakable. Luna is obliged by her vow to go after her mate and make him hers. No matter what, she's bound to present him as her Lord before she clocks twenty five. But what happens when she realizes her mate is just the exact opposite of what she imagined him to be? And when she finds out she's the weak one in actual?
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