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Alpha Black (The queen of dark magic)

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Emera Black the queen of dark magic. She is a women who has to prove her worth to the whole werewolf community just because they think females are the weak and what there are good for is to worship male wolves like Gods. Rain midnight the king of asshole sorry werewolves. He is an Alpha who makes sure women duties doesn't exceed been in the pack kitchen and bed and those women who behave other wise are punished. What happens when this two Alpha's are paired together as mate. Now with time running out of Alpha black with only three months to live. she needs her mate love by mating and carrying his mark to survive or else the darkness clouding her body might be her end as well as it was her beginning . Now is she willing to sacrifice her powers to be an ordinary submissive she wolf just because she needs her mate love to survive or will she give up on him and embrace death with all her heart.
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Asisipho Mloka
What happened to updating author can you please come back and update the book it's a nice book
2022-01-20 17:02:21 0