The Female Alpha
Anna Kendra

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In the world of the shifters, males dominate every plane of the hierarchy. Be it wolves, jaguars, cats or any other species, a male is always the Alpha. Rhys Valkyer is the Alpha of the strongest pack in all of Asia. Faster and stronger than almost every other wolf in the country, he has never known defeat. But what happens when wolves that venture out too far in the mountainous regions of the Himalayas never return? It sparks his interest. Mikalya 'Mink' Carnel is the only female alpha in the history of time. Defying the natural order of things, she is the first woman to start a pack of female dominated wolfs. Fearless and stronger than even an alpha male, she is ready to defend her pack from any threat that comes their way. But when the two most powerful Alphas of the world come face to face, will it begin a new war for dominance or will they give in to the fierce attraction powering the greatest desire and passion both of them has ever experienced?
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Mikalya is such a role model. Emerging from a patriarchial world of male led werewolf packs, she emerges and holds her ground1
2021-07-19 23:01:02 6
Rhys and Mikalya are just meant for each other man! What a perfect couple filled with passion!
2021-07-19 02:02:04 5