Billionaire's Love Game
Shine CL

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Michael Rex a powerful billionaire has gotten everything he wanted in his life after Rex's family adopted him. He successfully created his own business without the help of his adopted family. He has everything, looks, wealth, power, successful business, women and a good family. With just a snap of his fingers, he can get everything he's ever wanted. Even women are also ready to do anything for him. But he is also a person with the worst past and because of this, he became a total Playboy. He thinks women are disgusting creatures and can do anything for money even can sell themselves. He thought that he will never fall in love with anyone in this life but his life is completely changed when a girl, a senior college student name "Emma Anderson" came into his life and changed his life completely. Will Micheal fall in love with Emma or it was just an attraction? What will happen when Emma knows about him being a player? Can their love story be ended with a happy sequence like others?
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Mahlatse Gezane
this book is exactly like 50 shades of grey . it just lacks originality
2021-11-07 09:55:20 1
So far, the book has an interesting pace. Would love to see how their relationship will go within upcoming chapters. Keep it up, author!! ❤
2021-09-11 07:05:17 3
Shine CL
Hello everyone, this is the author of Billionaire's Love Game. I hope you enjoyed my book. Please do add it in your library and tell me your thoughts about it! Thank you❤️
2021-09-01 07:51:10 4
Allie Garboczi
Michael is a dream bad boy protagonist! but can the love of a pure woman change him? I'm hinging my bets on yes! solidly paced with amazing dialogue, this is a diamond in the rough!
2021-09-01 05:52:48 3