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The Second Luna

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How the hell I ended up in my Alpha's bed is a total mystery to me! Just a week ago, I first shifted into a beautiful yet mysterious White Wolf that stunned the Elders of my pack, Silver Bow. Alpha Remus de Remark found his mate three months ago and tonight itself is his mating ceremony with Nisa Grimson, the spoiled daughter of the Alpha of Dark Shadow, the strongest pack in this hemisphere. Fearing for my life, I flee, neither my pack nor Nisa will accept my betrayal and kill me for sure. In the end, I enter a distant pack where I think to be safe and live a happy life. In Shadow Moon I finally relax and give my relationship with coveted Alpha Kaydon a serious try. But my happiness is shattered when my Alpha and his Luna find me, both with different motives they don't reveal. I know it's time to run again. I find shelter in the woods. And then my Alpha shows up again unexpectedly, marks my White Wolf on the spot. I have no other option but to follow him back to my pack, as his Luna. There I have to face the first Luna, Nisa who hates me to death, devises all kinds of plots to kill me. Until the pack's Elders make a startling announcement about an ancient myth, a revenge of the cult in Luna Nisa's pack. Will Alpha Remus withstand the workings of the cult and be willing to let me go?
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