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Dear Ms Lady Demigod II Twelve Days To Doom
Ryu Sakurada

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In the search of her goddess mother who abandoned her on birth, Jevelene leaves behind a cold Italy to the magical kingdom of Alkinshime in the icebergs of North Sweden. But what she ends up finding was completely beyond her fantasies. A demon and a demigod, a magical horse that leads them to a a curse upon the doomsday clock that spins the entire world to an inevitable apocalypse. It's a race against time, with a being that controls time on your side and about a thousand gods on the other. Demons, ghouls, witches, gods all against one immortal Gatekeeper. Where your magic becomes your shackles, only a human can save us. But again, it's a race against time because all you have is just ten days to doom and twelve stars to gather. "Tell me, father what to ask forgiveness for? What I am, or what I am not? Tell me, mother What should I regret? What I became, or what I didn't?"
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