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Doted On By The Maifa Boss

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Out of humanity she saved his life but what did he do to her; instead of thanking her he took her in as his prisoner. But, she had no problem with it. She was more than just happy as long as she could adore this stone faced Adonis from a close radius. Wearing a pink hoodie and holding a candy she would run around, pestering that iceberg like man. "Mr. Nguyen, can you buy me a teddy?" "Mr. Nguyen, can you change the curtains to pink?" "Mr. Nguyen, can I take your heart?" Seems like she had no problem with the fact that this man was not some ordinary guy but a ruthless Mafia Boss. What made them have a jaw drop was when their heartless boss, who hardly let any woman near him, was especially doting and caring towards this little prisoner But... Why this little fool who didn't even have an identity. Did she really move his heart or... resembled someone hiding in his heart.
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