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Her Baby's Secret
Ebunoluwa Ademide

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Minutes went by, that was the longest minutes of my life. My heart was beating hard against my chest. I felt like it was going to burst anytime soon. The result and how I would break it down to Busayomi without her getting mad stirred panic within me. I was scared. I closed my eyes as she picked the strip. I could feel her eyes on me. "I.. think..this is good news." She said but my heart broke at her words. It is really bad news if it's positive. "You're pregnant." She said happily. heart beat skipped two beats at a time. Suddenly I went into hyperventilating mode! And I couldn't control it. What do you do when you don't know how you feel? What do you do when you can't possibly let go of what you feel? Then what happens when you find out you're pregnant but you can't tell it to the father of your child? Read the story of two best friends.
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Not gonna lie. I enjoy reading this. keep it up
2021-11-18 03:54:19 1